We provide friendly analytics. Monitor the users' journey, replay sessions, compile thermal maps, and more.

Strong & Simple Analytics.

Have you ever thought like before you you had so much knowledge and don't know what? We give you a clean and simple Simple Analytics with easy control panel.

Understand your Customers.

Knowing your customers is essential to learning how to improve your website. Check any visitor's route and what they're doing on your site without intruding their privacy.

⭐Real-time Analytics.

Is it curious to see data in real time? You can verify how many people are online, which smartphones are the most common and which sites are most commonly viewed.

⭐We’re never going to sell your info, you own it!

Why would you get such a tool similar to Google’s analytics? We never sell your data and you are in complete charge of it, because your data counts. At any moment, you can erase it!


⭐Sessions for capturing & replaying guests.

This is simply the best way to see a visitor’s journey through your website. What they click on, where they’re going, and what they like, and they don’t understand. You can replay their sessions easily and see exactly what they did.


⭐Tracking of heat-maps.

Heat-maps is a very easy-to-use feature to test pages on your website and to learn which sections are most visited by a collection of users on your website.

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